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ARTICLE: Berlin Fashion Illustration Masterclass

ARTICLE: Berlin Fashion Illustration Masterclass - We Connect Arts Portal

We Connect Arts presented the first Masterclass experience in Berlin. It was a beautiful event where inspiration found took place. They present a Fashion Illustration Masterclass with Martin Georg, a Fashion Illustrator and Visual Designer from Argentina who has more 30k followers on Instagram. His work has been seen by many A-list celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda, Karlie Kloss, Sarah Jessica Parker and the unique Donatella Versace. Here we tell you can see what it was about!

The idea of ​​the event was to spend a day painting beautiful designs, creative dresses and sketches through four different challenges. Everything was ready to bring inspiration in a beautiful location called Villa Kult Residenz. A warm and classy house in the heart of Berlin with chandeliers, artworks on the walls and a exquisite garden filled with beautiful roses.

Ladies, with an attitude! All the participants who came to the event were expecting to spend a day of inspiration, art and beautiful drawings. And that concept came true. Martin started the class with a really inspiration talk about his life in the fashion industry, early work, some tips for starting illustrating and a lot of art. With a charming image and a good energy he talked about his inspiration in life, from Alice in Wonderland, Audrey Hepburn and Sex and the City, this talked felt like the perfect start to get into a fashionista mood. After, the fun begun. Everyone had a sketch to fill with beautiful clothes, watercolors and brushes was already there for everyone. The first challenge consisted on creating an Urban Outfit for Summer, another challenge was using the watercolors to paint a beautiful gown, once everyone learned some tips and techniques they were prepare for the the final challenge, creating a Gala Dress from zero.

All the designs were absolutely beautiful and unique, there was Old Hollywood style, Met Gala vibes, Pin-Up girls, Wedding dress style, and many more creative designs from every student. And after the hard work and fun, the relax break with tea, coffee, cakes, fresh fruits and a beautiful sun. Everyone enjoyed this day from the very first moment until the moment to say goodbye.

Definitely this was a different experience in Berlin. We are glad that there are events like this, where you can learn something new, enjoy the day with your friends by making your own art, and of course, having a lot of fun!

Next Fashion Illustration Masterclass: August 29th - Villa Kult Residenz


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