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INTERVIEWS: MERCEDES | Ballet Dancer - We Connect Arts Portal
"If you want to be an artist, you can be an artist. You need confidence, and listening to your soul. "

Enchanting. Maybe that's the word that describes  Mercedes Massone , a Ballet Dancer and Art History student from La Plata, Argentina. It's 2020, Covid happening, and everybody in Argentina is staying home. Everybody including the artists are passing a really weird and sometimes hard time. Mercedes decided to make herself a tea in a lovely tea cup with a lovely pot that looks quite similar to Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast.

She connect to Instagram, and so our Social Media Manager Martin Georg starts a Live Stream to have a special talk with her. "Bonjour!" exclaims Mercedes, with a bright smile, and that's how this interview starts.

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WCA: Hello lady! How are you feeling today? How is this crazy time treating you?

MM: I'm fine… I'm nervous but I'm excited for doing this interview.

WCA: Since when did you have this dream of becoming a dancer?

MM: I dance since I was four years old and well, my life is that. Is dancing, is arts, everyday. I started studying Art History in University in La Plata. Actually my life is connected with arts in general, since I'm a ballerina I feel a really strong connection with the art.

WCA: Is there any other artist in your family?

MM: Yes, my uncle is a Plastic Art Teacher, my aunt is also a classical ballerina. For me is everything in life, not only dancing, but music, painting, movies, books.

WCA: Who do you admire?

MM: I feel a strong inspiration with Van Gogh paintings, and his dramatic story. But that's how art is. All these feelings are so strong. Also I really admire Svetlana Zakharova, she is one of the best dancer on the world.

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WCA: Is there any art connection in your life beside dancing?

MM: Yes! All if part of my artistic life, my make up every morning. My clothes. I live my life with more intensity than other people does, I think. I'm so sensitive sometimes. Too sensitive, especially when I'm happy or in love. My soul is very artistic and classy. I love listening to classical music, is my favorite music. I love Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. If you want I can sing for you ...

Mercedes starts singing a Tango song called  “Fueron tres años” :

“No me hablas, tesoro mío

no me hablas ni me has mirado.

Fueron tres años, mi vida,

tres años muy lejos de tu corazón.

¡Háblame, rompe el silencio!

¿No ves que me estoy muriendo?

Y quítame este tormento

porque tu silencio ya me dice adiós.

¡Qué cosas que tiene la vida!

¡Qué cosas tener que llorar!

¡Qué cosas que tiene el destino!

Será mi camino sufrir y penar.

Pero deja que bese tus labios

un solo momento y después me voy;

y quítame este tormento

porque tu silencio ya me dice adiós.

WCA: It's so beautiful how even though we are in a video call and I'm not even in the same room with you I can feel your passion and love when you sing. That's really beautiful.

MM: Thank you my love!

WCA: Now Mercedes, tell me… why do you think art is so important for you?

MM: Because I feel… I don't know it's just something that I was born with. Is just, I cannot explain. I've always felt different from other people because of my sensitive feelings. It's so difficult to put it on words, because it's just something you feel.

WCA: Is there any final message you want to give to any artist out there?

MM: Is not easy to be an artist. But if you want to be an artist, you can be an artist. You need confidence, and listening to your soul. Work hard every single day of your life. It will worth it.

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