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INTERVIEWS: PILAR | Teacher - We Connect Arts Portal

by Martin Georg for We Connect Arts

Pilar is an English Teacher from Argentina. She combines new teaching methods with the traditional book-based one to make every class more interesting and original for all her students. Kids and adults, they all are part of her professional life, enjoy this interview about education, inspiration and art.

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WCA: So Pilar, you’re a teacher, do you like teaching kids more, or adults?

P: I think for every group is different, I really enjoy teaching kids and they are so creative sometimes, that’s something I really like. But on the other hand, I really enjoy teaching adults because is more fun. We can make jokes, or bring actual topics and discuss them and makes everything more interesting.

WCA: How is teaching in a Covid context?

P: Is kind of hard sometimes, because you have to change your lessons and plans according to your students aids, interests and experiences. I cannot pretend for my students to be fully concentrated or focused on my subject when maybe they are having troubles at home. I’m a aware of that, and I have to modify my class to get my students involved and then to forget these problems.

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WCA: How are you as a teacher?

P: Well, I think I had to go back in time and remember all the classes that I had in my life so then I could think about what kind of teacher I‘d like’to be. If you think about it, there are some teachers you can remember and some you prefer not, and that’s what I have in mind.

WCA: Do you think phones changed the way the students and teachers connect to each other? I remember when I was in school my phone was like the worst enemy for my teacher. What do you think about?

P: For me I think that if one of my students are focused on their phone is because my class is not interesting enough for them so I should think about a way to keep their attention. Is really important to have technology as a tool and not as an enemy. We all use our phones but there’s a time for everything and also my phone can be a tool for me to develop certain things for my classes.

WCA: How do you connect your life with art?

P: That is a hard question for me because at first I thought that maybe my life is not connected with arts at all. But as I am a teacher I have to prepare original classes and different lessons almost everyday and I don’t any have other option than use artistic tools to be creative.

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WCA: What could be the most interesting challenge that you had as a teacher?

P: Maybe sharing my knowledge with anyone who needs it, even when maybe they can afford it or not letting money to be an impediment to do it.

WCA: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a teacher?

P: You have to be patient, a lot. Because every student is different and they have different times to learn, or to understand.

And also you have to be sure and show confidence your students also see it and they will feel this way too and everything is gonna work out very well!

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