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INTERVIEWS: MARTIN GEORG | Fashion Illustrator

INTERVIEWS: MARTIN GEORG | Fashion Illustrator - We Connect Arts Portal
"You have to work hard, be patient and stay focus on what matters, it’s not easy but it worth it."
  • Captivating. Maybe this is the perfect word to describe the illustrator and graphic designer Martin Daniel Georg. At the age of 25, his work reached a notorious level of recognition pushed by the social medias: “a window to show your work to the world”, he says in exclusive interview. This window made Martin fly and be noticed by Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Karlie Kloss, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Posen, Carla Bruni and many others. He couldn't believe when Jane Fonda phoned him: "she's one of my biggest inspirations". Most recently, when he worked on some illustrations based on the Paris Fashion Week, Farida Khelfa - who walked the runway for Schiaparelli - saw his work and shared on her Instagram account. But not only Farida shared amazing works of Martin on official Instagram accounts - other big names such as Nicole Kidman did as well.

  • The Argentinian professional has worked with fashion brands in custom illustrations for publicity, galleries of stores and promotion on social medias,   not only in Latin American. After working with Lila Juan and Pia Carregal, his current work represents a lot his moment: it’s about the new collection of Àcheval Pampa –  brand founded by the design duo from Argentina Sofía Achával de Montaigu and Lucila Sperber who debuted in Paris last year. Latin American talent to the world!

    So talented, it’s not a surprise to read about his work with Javier Saiach who designed the gown Juliana Awada (the First Lady of Argentina) wore during the Gala of G20 meeting in Buenos Aires. Martin made the official illustration to present the outfit to the media: and made History.

    Challenged by Ana Garmendia website to do an illustration related to Brazil, Martin presents us his stunning work based on February 2019 issue of Harper Bazaar Brazil, starring the gorgeous actress Deborah Secco. Beyond words!

    We talked last week about his international recognition, the haute couture collections in Paris, Latin American fashion, social medias and art education. Check it out!

    Q – Your work have been recognized by an interesting and long list of notorious people. Which one of them surprised you the most and gave you more satisfaction?

    MDG– I feel so glad and grateful every time my work gets to know by someone I admire. I think one of the most rewarding moments was when Jane Fonda sent me an email and phoned me to tell me how glad she was with my work. I love and admire her for being the woman she is. She’s one of my biggest inspirations in my personal life. And, of course, Naomi Campbell following me was such a surreal surprise! She’s a legend!

    Q: – You illustrated some looks from the last Paris Fashion Week. What’s the most inspiring collection from this haute couture season in your opinion?

    MDG – I loved the Chanel show, it was just beautiful and classy. I also loved Iris van Herpen collection, the visual treatment on the fabrics was sublime.

    Q – You have illustrated different brands outfits from Latin America. What’s your opinion about the Latin-American fashion? What’s your favorite name and why?

    MDG – I think Latin American fashion has a special spark in the fashion industry. Every year I get really suprised by all the talent that we as Latin have. Here in Argentina we have such great designers, I love Javier Saiach and Hernandez Daels, I also love “Flâneur”, a brand that create handmade clutches and accesories. Pure art!

    AG – It’s very clear you love Disney movies and pop music, references in your work. From your archives, which ones are your favorite ones based on these themes?

    MDG – Disney always will be an inspiration – it has been since my childhood. I can’t pick just one but there’s one of Emma Watson as Belle that I really enjoyed to make. I loved the movie as well. I’m a huge fan of Cruella De Vil.


  • AG – What’s the importance of social medias to you, as a professional? Do you think they have banalized art?

    MDG – No. I think in every job you have to be picky and know your essence and roots. I think social medias help a lot to show what you do, is your portfolio. A window to show your work to the world. That being said, I think you have to be careful on the content you share. And don’t create an dependent relationship with it. It’s all virtual, real life is out of social media.

    Q  - Normally, art education isn't treated with real importance and respect. What do you think about it?

    MDG  - Just like any career, you have to work hard, be patient and stay focus on what matters, it's not easy but it worth it. For me art education gives people the right tools to manage not only their careers but their own lives. As an artist I understand that we're living in a very complex reality, but you use the art you make to comunicate something, give hope and change this reality.

    On Martin's Instagram account  @ georg.martin  you can enjoy all his talent!

    Thank you for your inspiring elegance and sensibility, Martin!

    Interview and text by Ednaldo da Fonseca.

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